Week 7

October 12
CEN 3815

Discuss Readings, Credit Lines, Google Sites Tips & Techniques

Handouts (as PDFs unless otherwise indicated)

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  1. Use appropriate credit lines and attributions on images used in the production of instructional materials including: desktop publishing, word processing, presentation graphics, web pages and other multimedia projects.
  2. Gather the correct credit line, attribution and citation information for an image from the web, a CD or print material.**
  3. When given a scenario, determine whether a particular piece of media can be used, the appropriate credit line if it can be used and the appropriate location of the credit line if it can be used.**
  4. Describe the design principles of proximity and alignment. Provide examples of each principle.
  5. Describe two things to avoid when working with proximity or alignment in a design.
  6. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of GIF, PNG, TIF and JPG formats.
  7. List the three types of graphic file formats used on web pages.
  8. Define the terms lossy and lossless.

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